Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rescheduled HIV Doc Appointment

Well  My first doctors appointment was rescheduled.

The Doc apparently had a death int he family.  My heart goes out to him.

Im learning that all of this is going to be a huge waiting game.  I hate waiting.

Ive been sick for 2 or more weeks.  Cough, sinus headaches, fevers, chills.  Been through 2 rounds of antibiotics and lots of steroids.

This round of meds may do it though im starting to feel a little better.

Im ready to know my CD4 count and viral load,  at least then I will know what im working with and what i need to do.

I really wont know anything till this appointment with Dr. Abraham.  It is for the 26th of January  this coming wednesday.

I really dont know what to expect for this first appointment.  What they will do or anything.  I hate being in the dark.

Well,  Its only a few more days to go,  then we will know.

Ill keep yall posted

Lotsa Love,

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