Friday, February 18, 2011

Doctors Appointment and Lab Results

Well I had my DOctors appointment with the Infectious Disease specialist.

I loved the whole team.  They were great. Very Caring and sympathetic.

I had a ton of blood drawn,  over 13 vials worth.  They tested for everything under the sun.

I ended up having to wait quit a while to get my results back.  Several weeks actually.

The results were good though.

My cd4 is 456
My Viral Load is 2,077
Im not resistant to any meds.
My white count is high.
I'm vitamin D  Defficient.
The hep C and A tests were negative.
I'm immune to hep B.

My doctor does want to start me on meds. Im not sure how I feel about that, but im going to move forward and do what they say.

Overall my counts and everything are ALOT better than i thought they would be.  Im very thankful for that.

My next appointment with him is March the 2nd.  I guess we will start the meds then. 

I'll add more soon,

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